Our IRAN trip with the Archaeological Institute of America was from May 2-20, 2011, with three extra days in Istanbul with our friend Meral at the end.  We returned to New York late on May 23rd and Sarasota May 24th.  Check out the brochure or the very detailed itinerary.

Each of the photos below are really links to a day of the trip, each with multiple photos from the date shown.  Click on one to start.

But this site has just a few of the photos. (We took 3500 or so.)  For the complete set and about 20 short movies, we’ve created another site at We used both a camera (photo labels dscnxxxx.jpg) and an iPhone (labels imgxxx.jpg) on several days, so you may find the snapshots for those days out of order. If you’d like larger photos, please let us know the day and photo label.